Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snoopy Stars Baby Quilt

Snoopy Stars, 2007

Diane with the quilt at her baby shower.

I made this for my friend Diane's son Hayden when he was born in 2007. These aren't the greatest photos, but they're all I have.

This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. I think this is the first quilt I tried machine quilting on. Each star block is 12" x 12". There are twelve different Peanuts fabrics used in the center of each one. All of the solid fabrics, with the exception of the white, are flannels.  The backing is also flannel.  I do not have a photo of it, but it is a Peanuts-themed fabric as well.

Lesson learned from this quilt: When working with flannels, prewashing fabrics once is not enough, especially with the color red! I'm sad to say that after my friend washed this quilt, the red dye from the sashing fabric "ran" and turned the white fabric pink!

Close-Up of Peanuts-Themed Fabrics
I do like this pattern, though.  This quilt can be made with an unlimited number of themes.  All you have to do is change the fabrics you use for the star centers.  It's really only limited by your imagination (and fabric availability, of course!).

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