My Favorite Things To Do

What Are My Interests?

My Pink & Green Stars Quilt
There are many things I love and do simply for the pleasure they bring me.  Engaging in these activities is how I recharge my emotional batteries.  When I am able to make time for these simple pleasures, I am a happier person -- a more loving wife -- a more patient mother.

Quilting brings me satisfaction and helps me feel connected to women of the past and the simple things in life.  I am a very tactile person, and I love to touch and feel the fabrics.  I am also a very visual person and enjoy the challenging part of quilt layout and design.

I am typically working on more than one quilt at a time.  It is not unusual for me to have projects in various stages of completion.

General Sewing
In addition to quilting, I do quite a bit of general sewing as well.  I make tote bags and various other types of bags -- for myself, for gifts, and even some that I sell online.  Of late, I haven't had much time to make any new tote bags.  I also make pillowcases, art smocks, and other things that I get the notion to making!  If you are interested in seeing some of these items, feel free to browse my online Etsy shop "Little Pieces of Heaven."  You can find a link to my shop in the upper right corner of my page.

Snuggle Bunny Blankie

I first learned how to crochet when I was in high school and dabbled in it from time to time for many years.  However, I didn't really get into it until more recently (probably around 2008).  One of the big challenges at first was learning how to read patterns.  Thankfully, the Internet helped me out when it came to that.  Though I have made a few items that can be worn, I prefer to make items that aren't clothing.  This would be due to the fact that I can never seem to get the gauge quite right, no matter what I do to adjust my crocheting.  So, I make things like puppets, scarves, dishtowels, coasters, afghans, etc.  My real motivation to take up crochet was because of how easily it travels, as opposed to quilting which typically requires a lot of "stuff" (ie supplies) in order to be taken out of the house.  I love that I can just keep everything in one bag and just take that bag with me on my way out the door.

Duck Puppet
I do sell some of the items that I crochet.  Again, they can be viewed by clicking on the link to my Etsy shop (in the upper right corner of my page) "Little Pieces of Heaven."  Both the Snuggle Bunny Blankie and Duck Puppet pictured here are available for purchase in my shop.

I really enjoy historical fiction, but I also read a lot of non-fiction.  I have read a lot of parenting and relationship books, as well as some self-help books.  I have also read many books on natural childbirth, education, and spirituality.