Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hexagon Progress

The following shows the progress I had made (as of January 3, 2011) on my hexagon quilt project which I began in March, 2010.  If you're interested in the process of how I am making this quilt, click here:  Janine's Hexagon Tutorial 

So, this here gives you an idea of how the overall quilt is going to look.

My hexies! Each colored stack is 30 hexagons and each muslin stack is 24.  I have made 454 muslin hexagons and 294 colored ones.

In case you're curious....I need a total of 2036 hexagons to make the quilt. At this point, I had made 868. Only 1182 left to go!

Here it all is! Nine months worth of work! If I continue at this pace, it should take another 1 - 1 1/2 years to piece the whole top. THEN I will be able to start the quilting. Ya, it's gonna be a while before this is done!

Here's what it looks like after my 2 year old gets into my hexagon box!


The following is a progress update.  This is what I completed by the end of March, 2011:

It is now the last day of March, and I have completed piecing all the flower units! There are 75 all together. I actually only need 72, so I have a few extras to work with.

Here they all are stacked up!

I just love all this color!

My next challenge is to figure out my color layout. I need to play around with these, arranging them so that I don't end up with a whole lot of one color right near each other. I realized that pinks and blues are the most dominant colors, so I need to space them evenly throughout the quilt.

I've organized the layout! Now I just have to make 359 more muslin hexagons and 621 more solid green ones before I can piece this whole thing together!

Check back for more updates in the future!

Latest update:
Check my post from April, 24 2012 to see how this is progressing one year later....

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